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A series of standout projects showcasing our commitment to excellence in LED lighting and digital solutions for Amusement Rides.

Camaleón LED at the IISF Show in Gibsonton

Proyectos integrales a medida

Prominent Alliance with Galaxy Amusement Sales at the IISF Show: Leading in LED lighting and digital solutions for attractions.

In the context of our prominent presence at the IISF Show in Gibsonton, we have further strengthened our collaboration with Galaxy Amusement Sales, our strategic partners in the United States.

During the event, we had the privilege of presenting a series of flagship projects that underscore our firm commitment to innovation and excellence in LED lighting and digital solutions for Amusement Rides. This partnership is a testament to our ongoing effort to deliver exceptional experiences in the entertainment industry.

LED Lamps Illuminate Attractions at the Gibsonton Fair

From our earliest days, we have focused our attention on fairground attraction lighting, which has been the starting point of our journey. Over the years, our vision and expertise have guided us towards broader horizons, engaging us in comprehensive projects and works within the entertainment industry.

"Our commitment to perfection is reflected in every aspect of the project."

Custom-made lighting for fairground attractions

Our dedication to excellence in producing LED lamps for attractions and signs is reflected in the assurance of superior standards in each project, as evidenced by our displays at the IISF Show in Gibsonton. Over time, our passion and commitment have propelled us towards the development of more comprehensive projects, encompassing decorative and advertising works to the manufacturing of dimensional letters.

Explore our range of LED lamps for pilots, programmable LED pixels, and automatic chameleon.

At Camaleón LED, we lead innovation in LED lighting for Amusement Rides. During the IISF Show, we showcase our products and strengthen bonds with strategic partners in the entertainment industry. With an experienced team, we develop advanced and efficient solutions.

Innovation in LED Lighting

At Camaleón LED, our commitment to quality in LED lighting is unwavering. We focus on excellence in design and manufacturing to deliver top-quality products. At the IISF Show, we demonstrate our ability to meet the global needs of our customers, especially in the Amusement Rides sector.

Commitment to Quality

At Camaleón LED, we prioritize both the quality of our products and our relationships with partners and customer service. Our presence at the IISF Show allows us to strengthen ties within the entertainment industry and ensure that our customers receive exceptional attention and support.

Strengthening Relationships

Commitment to Innovation and Quality in LED Lighting for Amusement Rides

This ongoing effort is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in every project we undertake.


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